Brad Callen’s SEO Mindset

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Have you heard about the Brand New product by SEO Guru, Brad Callen?

It’s fantastic a step by step SEO Blueprint called SEO Mindset, giving you everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brad Callens SEO Mindset seo mindset ecover

Here’s a sample of some of the content is this amazing product:

  • The 4 Most Important On-Page SEO Factors and how to tweak each one for maximum effect (Page 75)
  • SEO Copywriting 101 in 5 simple steps. It’s much easier than you have been led to believe (Page 80)
  • The 1 correct way to use internal links so that the search engines gobble them up like candy (Page 85)
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Page Rank but were afraid to ask. Yes, despite what you have heard, it does matter (Page 89)
  • The 7 primary factors search engines use to evaluate links if you do not know about all 7 of these you are leaving ranking power on the table (Page 90)
  • -Site-Launch Links — The indispensable 2 link types you MUST have at launch (Page 94)
  • The 10 “Most Trusted” directories you should get links from and everything you need to know to get them (Page 95)
  • My “Blue Light Special” — When you have to make every penny count, this special will get you started with some great links for almost no out of pocket expense. (Page 96)
  • 7 Highly Trusted Sites — Get links from these guys and watch your rankings shoot towards the moon (Page 97)
  • 14 Community Based Sites — Every one of these is an excellent place to get links. (Page 104)
  • 15 Social Media Marketing Sites — And I have ranked them based on my extensive experience with each so you know who to target first (Page 110)
  • 2 Free Backlink Analysis Resources — These tools make it easy to quickly find and determine the quality of your competitor’s backlinks. And that means you are one step away from making them YOUR backlinks! (Page 113)
  • How to get Local Search Links — This is a MUST if you run a local business. Use these to dominate your local market in a snap (Page 115)
  • 3 Critical Factors You Must Monitor to tweak and hone your SEO campaign as you claw your way to the top of the rankings. (Page 124-125)

And too much more to list here…

Click Here to find out more!

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Free Search Engine Optimization Blueprint!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Every Internet Marketer knows that Free Traffic is like gold.

There are very few methods to get quality, targeted traffic to your website and there is only one method to get a lot of FREE, quality, targeted traffic to your website and thats to optimize it and get it listed in the organic results on the major search engines.

Over the past few weeks I have been testing out some software that will do just that and put you ahead of the game when performing SEO. It makes this time consuming, repetitive task completely automated!

After using the software for just two weeks I have managed to get one of my brand new sites to the second page of one of the 3 major search engines for some really competitive keywords. If you are clued up on SEO then you will realize that lightening time.

This is how powerful this software really is. I’m sure you realize how much this will save you in PPC costs Free Search Engine Optimization Blueprint! icon smile

After thoroughly testing this fantastic software I am ready to recommend it to my blog viewers as I feel that it is well worth the investment.

Just before you invest in this fantastic SEO software I would like to offer you a free SEO Blueprint that I managed to get from the author Brad Callen – SEO Guru.