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7 Elements of a High Converting Order Button

Take a look at the image below to see what a high converting order button looks like. Although the order button is not that nice to look at, the conversion rate received when using this button will be a lot better than the one your currently using. You have to make the decision of whether you want a nice pretty button or one that earns you money.

7 Elements of a High Converting Order Button high converting order button

High Converting Order Button

I will break down each element of the button (or buy area) shown above and explain which each element will contribute to an increase in your conversion and response rate when used.

1. Headline – A big, red and bold call to action headline draws attention and stands out more than any other colour, it’s a well know psychological fact that red does something to trigger the brain and draw attention to it more than any other colour.

2. Border – A dashed red border surrounding the order button also helps to increase the response rate because people are programmed into seeing this in printed media and automatically thinking coupon. It’s been proven time and time again to increase response.

3. Price Drop – A price drop will nearly always increase the conversion rate because it makes people thing that they are getting a good deal and a discounted price. Always drop down the price by around 65% or two thirds, as this has been tested to be the ideal dropdown ratio to use. Remember to always strikethrough the regular price to prevent any confusion.

4. Button – The orange button with the navy text has been tested by large companies such as PayPal and Amazon and has been proven to convert really well so it’s an obvious winner. Orange is the next best colour for drawing attention after red, however it doesn’t give out the danger trigger that red does, and therefore it converts a lot better than red, even though red draws more attention.

5. Button Text –The reason for button text being navy is because navy establishes trust. It is also a well known fact that blue an orange are contrasting colours, therefore, navy blue text combined with an orange button is a perfect match when it comes to drawing attention. The text “Add To Cart” is essential and can convert up to 100% better than other phrases such as “Order Now”, “Buy Now” and “Download Now”. All the e-commerce sites use the phrase “Add To Cart” which is why people are used to seeing it, and therefore trust it more than any other.

6. Hyperlink – The hyperlink underneath the button is also important because some people are just pre-programmed into clicking links rather than buttons. The hyperlink blue colour has been used along with the underlining on the text to make it look just like a hyperlink.

7. Credit Card Symbols – The credit card symbols help to establish trust and they also help to make the order button stand out. People are used to seeing these symbols at offline checkouts such as at their local department store, as well as at online checkouts, and therefore are a just another way of letting people know that this is where to pay.

If you use all 7 of these elements in your order button then you will notice a significant increase in your sales volume and conversion rate.

If you would like to use my killer high converting order button in the picture above you can download the PSD here: High Converting Order Button (PSD), and customise it with your own headline text and price points. Try not to change any of the colours or elements as this will be defeating the object and your conversion rates will suffer.

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2 Responses to “7 Elements of a High Converting Order Button”

  1. 1. Simon P Says (Sep 7th, 2009):

    This is a great post Jonny, thanks for sharing one of your secrets with us. I will use this order button on my current website and for all my future internet marketing products that I release. I will let you know what conversion rate improvements I get.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again.


  2. 2. jpmuofu Says (Sep 17th, 2009):

    Interesting theory.

    Can you post some A/B case studies and website examples to validate your claim that this button converts significantly better than a less gaudy, in your face “buy area?”

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