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About jonnyhardwickJonny Hardwick is a well known Internet entrepreneur, enthusiast and marketing strategist. Jonny has many years of experience behind him when it comes to Internet business and has a vast amount of knowledge about Internet marketing and using advanced Internet marking techniques and strategies to profit in this fast growing industry.

Jonny’s Internet marketing expertise covers a number of different areas including information marketing, affiliate marketing, content publishing and direct response. Jonny is the ‘go-to’ guy if you are looking for quality, ‘no-fluff’ Internet marketing courses or consultation on Internet marketing strategies and techniques.

Jonny started his first online business in the content publishing sector but nowadays he uses a vast range of methods to make money online in this fast changing industry. Although Jonny’s Internet marketing knowledge covers a wide area, he tends to focus mainly on direct sales and affiliate marketing as the main source of income for his Internet marketing company.

Jonny is an expert at content publishing and using search engine optimisation techniques, allowing him to profit from advertising networks such as Google AdSense and a range of other online advertising methods.

Jonny’s Internet marketing code name is the ‘Top Secret Affiliate’ and you may recognise this name if you have been in the Internet marketing industry for a while now from his best selling Internet marketing product, ‘Top Secret Affiliate’, released in the summer of 2007. The ‘Top Secret Affiliate’ revealed all his money making secrets in one concise, 120 page no-fluff report which made it easy for anyone to start a profitable Internet marketing business by following his hands-on, step-by-step tuition.

Jonny’s action taking, hands-on approach to Internet business makes him the successful entrepreneur and businessman that he is today. He has a vast network of Internet businesses and websites, all of which he manages from his company offices in England, UK.

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